Volume (Issue) 27 (1) April 2011

  1. A study on controlling with microcontroller in stoker-fired boilers. 1-14 A. Kecebas, H. Cimen, M. Oguz

  2. Effect of new generation refrigerant selection to the low temperature circuit efficiency in cascade systems. 15-24 H. C. Bayrakci

  3. Analyzing the impact of using different methyl esters in a diesel engine on engine performance and emissions. 25-34 F. Aksoy, H. Bayrakceken, T. Eryilmaz, L. Aksoy

  4. Evaluation of manageable biological waste utilization of Konya in terms of environment and energy recovery. 35-42 E. Kalipci, C. Ozdemir, S. Sahinkaya

  5. Mathematical modeling of limit cycle thermoacoustic and hydrodynamic behavior of wedge shaped methane/hydrogen flames. 43-54 O. Tuncer

  6. Nonparametric density estimation for wind speed data: Seferihisar, Turkey. 55-62 S. Gurler, B. Ucer, B. Seyda Ozler

  7. Flexible CdS photoelectrodes for photoelectrochemical solar cell applications. 63-78 N. Demirci Sankir, T. Tezel, B. Dogan

  8. Performance and emission characteristics of a diesel engine fueled with biodiesel obtained from a hybrid feedstock. 79-86 S. Altun

  9. Biomass fired cement production. An investigation on the neutron capturing capacity of cement containing boron. 87-94 M. S. Zeybek, Y. Erdogan, F. Ozmal, I. A. Sengil, M. S. Erdogan

  10. Role of energy guide labels in consumers purchase decision for household electrical appliances. 95-104 T. M. I. Mahlia, R. Saidur, P. A. A. Yanti, H. H. Masjuki

  11. An investigation of small hydropower potential from multipurpose dams in the Porsuk River Basin. 105-122 R. Bakis

  12. Energy-exergy analysis of gas turbine cycle in a combined cycle power plant. 123-138 O. Hacihafizoglu

  13. Theoretical analysis the use of dimethyl ether and diethyl ether in a diesel engine. 139-154 I. Sezer

  14. Effect of the collector diameter on solar chimney power plants. 155-168 A. Bugutekin

  15. Economic evaluation of PWR, BWR and PHWR nuclear power plants for Turkey. 169-174 C. Sevim

  16. Developing energy performance standard, label and test procedures and impacts analysis for commercial chillers. 175-190 R. Saidur, T. M. I. Mahlia, M. Hasanuzzaman

  17. Effects of adding 5% and 10% of MTBE in diesel fuel on engine performance and emissions. 191-198 F. Aksoy

  18. Fuel properties of biodiesels produced from blends of canola oil and animal tallow. 199-208 F. Yasar, S. Altun, H. Adin