Volume (Issue) 30 (SI -1) December 2012

  1. Experimental study of additive added palm biodiesel in a compression ignition engine 1-12 M. Mofijur, H. H. Masjuki, M. A. Kalam, M. Shahabuddin

  2. Placement score estimation of secondary education transition system (SETS) using artificial neural networks 13-20 E. Ucar, B. Sen, S. Bayir

  3. A different approach aiming at fuel saving in a six cylinder internal combustion engines 21-26 T. Koruvatan, M. Kurt, A. N. Otmanboluk

  4. Performance analysis of phase change material walls on a daily basis 27-34 Y. A. Kara, A. Acar

  5. Thermodynamic analysis of waste heat recovery in the clinker cooling system of cement industry 35-50 N. A. Madlool, R. Saidur, N. A. Rahim

  6. Energy savings and environmental benefits of fly ash utilization as partial cement replacement in concrete 51-60 F. Canpolat

  7. Wind loads on roofs with various geometries 61-70 M. Atmaca

  8. Influence of the ionic liquid 1-butyl-3-methylimidazolium chlorine on the ethanol fermentation of Saccharomyces cerevisiae AY93161 and its kinetics analysis 71-82 S. Zhu, P. Yu, M. Lei, Y.e Tong, L. Zheng, R. Zhang, J. Ji, Q. Chen, Y. Wu

  9. Performance evaluation of a split air conditioning system with artificial neural network approach 83-94 M. Bilgili, E. Simsek, A. Cosgun, A. Yasar

  10. A mini-review on the lignocellulosic ethanol production by using ionic liquid technology 95-106 S. Zhu, P. Yu, M. Lei, Y. Tong, Y. Lv, R. Zhang, J. Ji, Q. Chen, Y. Wu

  11. Improved hydrogen storage properties of MgH2 doped with chlorides of transition metals Hf and Fe 107-122 M. Ismail, Y. Zhao, X. B. Yu, S. X. Dou

  12. Thermomechanical modelling of solder alloy using viscoplasticity theory based on overstress (VBO) 123-130 I. Kilavuz, M. Makaraci

  13. A comparative study for Poly-Si Crystalline photovoltaic panel based on ANN modeling 131-134 E. Dursun, O. Kilic

  14. Investigation of the dielectric properties of newly synthesized and well defined low molecular weight macrophotoinitiator polystyrene thin film 135-138 Y. Babur, A. Tumbul, M. Degirmenci, H. Mutlu, E. Celik

  15. MATLAB-Based GUIs for learning the effects of internal combustion engine parameters on in-cylinder pressure cycle 139-142 M. A. Ceviz, A. S. Igdiri, E. Guner

  16. An adaptive neuro-fuzzy inference system for predicting the parameter of dryer system for shelled pistachios 143-152 M. Karabatak

  17. Influence of engine speed and mixture strength on instantaneous heat transfer for direct injection hydrogen fuelled engine 153-172 K. I. Hamada, M. M. Rahman, A. Rashid A. Aziz

  18. Opinions, tendencies and preferences about urban forestry of urban residents: a case study on the Isparta City-Turkey 173-180 A. Gul, N. Yazici, C. Kus Sahin

  19. Research on grid-connected control strategy of micro-grid 181-188 H.-J. Liu, K.-J. Li, Y.-X. Yun, H.-X. Gao, Y.-Sun

  20. A technical and economic assessment on generating energy from wind in the southern Marmara Region (Turkey) 189-194 A. Vardar

  21. Modeling stormwater runoff of urban green space with HYDRUS-1D 195-206 X. Yang, X.-Y. You, M. Ji

  22. A bibliometric analysis of research trends on microbial fuel cells 207-220 B. Zhang, J. Zhang, S. Zhou, R. Zhang, C. Feng, J.Ni

  23. Recycling of polyolefins waste materials by dissolution/reprecipitation technique using an organic solvent 221-236 A, J. Hadi, G. F. Najmuldeen, K. bin Yosuf

  24. An investigation of regional climate change caused by hydroelectric power generation: A case study in Kahramanmaras, Turkey 237-244 M. Sekkeli, O. F. Kececioglu

  25. A fuel cell system using the hydrogen energy obtained from mixture of NaBH4 and H3BO3 245-248 A. Balbay

  26. The investigation of the effects of washing process on biodiesel production to fuel properties and engine performance 249-254 M. Celik, C. Bayindirli, M. Demiralp

  27. What have we learned from the citation classics in Energy and Fuels: A mixed study 255-268 O. Konur

  28. Analysis of the occupational accidents occurred in electric generation, transmission and distribution facilities in Turkey 269-280 H. Ceylan

  29. An adaptive modified firefly optimization algorithm for optimal microgrid economic operation 281-290 S. Mohammadi, S. Soleimani, Babak Mozafari

  30. Innovating engineering guidance to meet challenges of complexity and future development directions: Cases on Energy development and system efficiency 291-306 M. Mansoor, N. Mariun, N. Ismail, N. I. Abdul Wahab

  31. Study of the temperature Features of Kars and surroundings 307-318 B. Kaya

  32. 100 citation classics in Energy and Fuels 319-332 O. Konur

  33. Tertiary sand filtration process upgrade; in-line direct filtration for wastewater treatment 333-346 A. O. Al-Jasser

  34. The evaluation of the biorefinery research: A scientometric approach 347-358 O. Konur

  35. Use of ultrasound in the production of bioethanol from lignocellulosic biomass 359-378 M. S. Ur Rehman, I. Kim, Y. Chisti, J.-I. Han

  36. The evaluation of the bio-oil research: A scientometric approach 379-392 O. Konur

  37. Solar energy hot water system with a heat pipe and tank underneath 393-404 H. Dogan

  38. A text mining analysis of US-China joint statements in 2009 and 2011 405-416 J. Guo, S. Wu

  39. A method to obtain daily total solar insulation (kWh/m2 ) from daily total output current (Ah) of a PV array 417-422 M. Gokdag, M. T. Guneser

  40. Performance assessment of a vertical ground-source heat pump system with wall heating and cooling 423-428 U. Akbulut, O. Acikgoz, O.Kincay, T. H. Karakoc

  41. Petrol flow pattern identification via data mining techniques 429-434 N. Olcer, E. Elbasi

  42. Design of a simulation program using digital video processing method to determine the thermal expansion of materials 435-440 V. G. Bocekci, H. S. Varol

  43. Determination of optimum insulation thickness using life cycle cost analysis 441-452 S. Coskun

  44. Changes in fatty acid composition and antioxidant activities of Olea europaea l. under different ecological and topographical conditions in southern parts of Turkey 453-458 A. Ozkan, M. Kulak

  45. An overview of Turkey’s waste tire problem 459-464 N. Sen, C. Demir, A. Demirbas

  46. Determining behaviors of fire doors with thermal camera and traditional methods comparatively 465-474 M. Altin

  47. Energy saving by prediction of the optimum cutting rate in stone cutting process: An industrial scale study 475-484 A. Karakus, A. Ceylanoglu, Y. Gul

  48. Numerical calculation of convective heat transfer coefficients in an enclosure heated from vertical walls 485-490 O. Acikgoz, O. Kincay, T. H. Karakoc

  49. Taguchi method based evaluation of process parameters effects on system performance in the computer controlled cold-hot therapy device with thermoelectric module 491-502 C. Yavuz, M. Sarıkaya, S. Yilmaz, M. Kaya

  50. Two dimension simulation of chest wall hyperthermia 503-510 S. Barlaz Us, H. Z. Alisoy, B. B. Alagoz

  51. Numerical simulation on the spray development and atomization characteristics of biodiesel fuel in cylinder 511-524 G-P. Mao, Z. Wang, P-Y. Ni, S-L. Wei

  52. Investigation of radon level in Tinaztepe Cave (Konya/Turkey) 525-532 A. Ates, U. Comlek, I. Uslu, B. Kaya

  53. Comparison of high efficiency and standard induction motors with different speed control methods 533-538 C. Akuner, H. Uzun, I. Temiz, E. Huner

  54. Predict and analysis of the full-wave rectifier circuit with Fuzzy Modeling technique based on performances of different membership functions 539-548 R. Tuntas

  55. Predict and analysis of the full-wave rectifier circuit with Fuzzy Modeling technique based on performances of different membership functions 539-548 R. Tuntas

  56. Predict and analysis of the full-wave rectifier circuit with Fuzzy Modeling technique based on performances of different membership functions 539-548 R. Tuntas

  57. Predict and analysis of the full-wave rectifier circuit with Fuzzy Modeling technique based on performances of different membership functions 539-548 R. Tuntas

  58. A fast method based on DeMoivre for spherical linear interpolation in Minkowski space 549-552 R. Ghadami, J. Rahebi, Y. Yayli

  59. Investigating the effect of sequent gas phase LPG injection system on vehicle performance and exhaust emissions 553-560 F. Aydin, M. Acaroglu

  60. Forced convective two phase flow analysis in a circular tube equipped with twisted tapes 561-572 G. Omeroglu, O. Comakli, S. Karagoz, E. Manay

  61. Modeling and simulation of fault diagnosis in electric power system based on petri nets 573-584 N. Pamuk, Y. Uyaroglu

  62. Comparative effects of drought and salt stress on germination and seedling growth of cephalaria syriaca as a new oilseed crop 585-590 R. Ada,A. Tamkoc

  63. A method of turbine machining based on cutting force and power estimation 591-600 Z. Miao, H. Zhang, X. Cong

  64. Correlations for practical performance evaluation and greening of gas turbines with inlet air cooling 601-612 Y. S. H. Najjar, Y. M. Al-Zoghool

  65. Obtaining the optimum efficiency electrical energy under Diyarbakir conditions using solar tracking system involving PV panel 613-620 F. Kentli, M. Yilmaz

  66. Notch sensitivity factor calculationin the design of shafts using artificial neural network system 621-630 M. T. Ozkan

  67. Investigation of public opinion on global environmental changes and potential risks in the Arabian Gulf Region 631-640 A. A. Elmi

  68. Nonlinear analysis of marine riser for energy exploration in shallow and deep water regions 641-660 M. Jameel, A. B. M. S. Islam, M. Khaleel, T. L. T. How

  69. The determination of energy production potential of traditional water mills in the district of Kalkandere in Turkey 661-666 V. Sume, N. Kocyigit

  70. Stress analysis of shape memory alloys used in wind turbine blade root connection 667-676 M. Kucuk, N. S. Cetin, C. Emeksiz

  71. Analysis of wind energy potential of Sakarya-Esentepe region, Turkey 677-686 F. Oral, I. Ekmekci, N. Onat

  72. Development of a computer program for solar chimney 687-696 A. Koyun, I. Ucgul, M. Acar

  73. Development of computer-aided comprehensive analysis tool for DC DC converters 697-706 I. Atacak, A. Irmak

  74. Criticality of bare and reflected reactors for fast neutrons reaction 707-710 H. Koklu, S. Resitoglu, O. Ozer

  75. Experimental determination of instantaneous cooling capacity of the bus air conditioning system, and comparison of analytical results 711-718 S. Unal

  76. Studying of effects of offset print education to print quality 719-724 E. Kose, C. Sahin

  77. An investigation of power quality in a plant supplied by medium voltage during switching on and off compensation capacitor 729-736 M. Sekkeli, M. E. Muftuoullari

  78. Liquefaction of fine grained soils: A review 737-740 N. Ural

  79. Statistical evaluation of wind speed data in Mersin, Turkey, based on frequency distributions 741-748 A. Sagbas, A. Mazmanoglu

  80. An integrated planning approach for climate change mitigation and adaptation 749-758 D. Cukur Gokce

  81. Using PCA algorithm in voice recognition 759-764 S. Gorgunoglu, E Ozkaynak , l. M. Orak

  82. Natural zeolite activated with hydrogen peroxide for removal of methylene blue 765-769 M. Canli, Y. Abali, S. U. Bayca

  83. Energy ınput-output analysis of apricot production in ısparta province of Turkey 770-772 O. Gokdogan

  84. The energy forecast research on inner Mongolia based on Gary system and co integration analysis 773-778 J. Ma, Z. Wei

  85. Simultaneous changes of functional groups during coal oxidation 779-784 X. Qi, D. Wang, H. Xin

  86. Influence analysis of fire spread feature on heat release rate in road tunnel 785-792 X. Han, B. Cong, L. Han, X. Li

  87. Exploration for energy efficient designs and measures of electric lighting in office buildings 793-800 D. Xiong, Y. Wu, X. Chen, F. Xu

  88. Evaluation and analysis of sustainable utilization of water resource based on entropy weight set pair theory 801-810 S-B. Lu, A-P. Zhao, W-G. Liao

  89. Real-time PCR-based, quantitative detection of anaerobic denitrifying bacteria in oilfield sewage using a TaqMan-MGB probe 811-820 J. Zhang, L. Wei, C-Y. Li, B-S. Wang, P. Ao

  90. Analysis of total-factor energy efficiency of regions in China using slacks-based model 821-828 X-P. Wang, Y. Jiang

  91. Analysis on international transfer of low-carbon technologies : dynamic evulution mechanisms under incomplete information 829-836 X-A. Li

  92. Thermodynamic equilibrium model research and application of underground coal gasification 837-844 T. Duan, Z. Wang, N. Li, L. Xin, W. Huang, P. Zhang, J. Wang, X. Lu

  93. Optical performance of south-north oriented three positions sun-tracking V-trough concentrators 845-856 Z. Li, R. Tang, T. Wu

  94. Mechanism of pressure transmission by auger coal miner 857-864 Q. Zhang, S-J Li

  95. Study on China’s energy efficiency and its spatio-temporal variation since 1990 865-872 Y. Yang, Y. Liu, W. Dong

  96. Safety control methods of bedrock damage during nuclear power plant construction 873-880 B. Liu, H. Li, X. Xia, H. Feng

  97. Combustion characteristics of small off-road gasoline engine fueled with methanol-gasoline blend 881-886 P. Ni, X. Wang, Z. Wang, S. Wei, G. Mao

  98. Systematic analysis of impact factors and level of coal miners’ safety behavior 887-892 G. He, G. Qilao, H. Cao

  99. Intermittence and stability of bubble pump and its influencing factors 893-900 H. Gao, G. Ma, H. Xu

  100. On analytic method of rock burst tendency in coal mine 901-908 B. Liu, Q-S Liu, J-L Li, X-Y. Jin

  101. A new approach about circular economy assessment in coal industrial park 909-914 X. Song

  102. Experimental research of operating performance on water source multi-connected air-conditioning system with digital scroll compressor in variable load 915-920 X. Zhu, X. Nie, Y. Lv, C. Wang, Y. Su

  103. Mechanism and engineering practice of coupling fracture of shallow seam with thin bedrock 921-928 L. Ma, D. Zhang, X. Cao, L. He

  104. Carbon emissions of macro-level buildings in China by life cycle energy analysis 929-936 H. Mi, Z. Wei

  105. Experimental study on the pool boiling heat transfer of R134a-oil mixture on horizontal enhanced tube 937-948 Y. Yao, J. Fei, X. Xu, Q. Zhang

  106. P-reasoning and the status information identification of power system 949-956 C. Fan, S. Liu, K. Li

  107. Design and manufacturing of remote computer controlled automation system for the dry kiln 958-960 O. Demir, M. Kaya

  108. Design and ımplementation of complex event processing based coal mine safety monitoring & alarming platform 961-966 B. Cheng, P. Zhou, J. Chen

  109. 3D scanning system used in refractory brick erosion measurement for the gasifier furnace 967-976 L. Lin, Z. Huang, Z. Li, J. Yan,Z. Xing

  110. Evaluation unexpected energy released for three liquid organic peroxides 977-982 Y-C. Chu, W-T. Chen, F-C. Tsai, L.-C. Tsai, F-R. Lin, T-C. Chiang, C-M. Shu

  111. Mechanism and forecast of gas well water production in xujiahe tight sandstone gas reservoirs in central Sichuan basin 983-990 L. Wang, Y. Gou, L. Ye, S. Gao, W. Xiong, H. Yang

  112. Research on a new energy-saving and higher efficiency booster 991-998 C. Liu, Y. Shi, M. Cai

  113. Application of EPR system on solid waste management in advanced economies and its enlightenment to Mainland China 999-1006 J. Cao, Y. Chen, Y. Ji, M. Chen

  114. The Localization Application of the Characterization and Normalization Method of Resources Depletion in China 1007-1012 J. Ruan, M. Xie, Q. Qiao, Y. Guo

  115. Environmental risk analysis of liquefied ammonia leakage accident based on ALOHA 1013-1020 S. Li, L. Liu, T. Fan, H. Cao

  116. The influence of the channel-storage increment on ice levels in Ningxia-Inner Mongolia Reaches of the Yellow River 1021-1028 Z. Guo1, J. Chang, Q. Huang, H. Wu, G. Chen

  117. Multi-scale geohazard fast risk assessment 1029-1036 D. Xue, Z. He, D. Zhang, X. Chen

  118. Bio-oxidation pretreatment process parameters optimization algorithm based on outlier mining 1037-1044 X. Nan, B. Gao, K. Jun

  119. Extending mechanism of radial fracture-network in naturally fractured formations 1045-1054 L. Ren, J. Zhao, Y. Hu, L. Wang

  120. A study on circular economy efficiency benchmarking of power plants 1055-1062 S. Zeng, Y. Ren

  121. Effect of heat and mass transfer coefficients on force convective drying of porous media 1063-1070 W. Cai, G. Xie, J. Li

  122. Regulation measures of tidal current sediment at river estuary and its engineering application 1071-1078 C. Jia, K. Xu

  123. Geo-environmental engineering model tests on bored piles in sand with considering unloading effect 1079-1088 C. Zhao, C. Zhao, J. Li, Y. Yang

  124. Developing forest bioenergy and pushing up degraded lands amelioration in China 1089-1094 J. Zhang, G. Chen, K. Xu, Z. Li

  125. Reductive dechlorination of 4-chlorophenol by nZVI particles prepared in the presence of ultrasound 1095-1100 D. Zhao, C. Song, C. Wu

  126. Ways of enhancement of efficiency of underground coal gasification 1101-1104 T. Duan, Z. Wang, N. Li, J. Wang, L. Zhou, S. He, F. Wu, C. Wang, X. Lu

  127. The research on the performance comparison of the auto-cascade refrigeration systems 1104-1110 C. Hu, Y. Shi, X, Zhao, G, Liu

  128. Numerical and experimental analysis of thermal insulation layer on heating efficiency of conductive asphalt pavement 1111-1116 S. Wu, P. Pan, M. Chen, N. Tang

  129. The design of the residual heat utilization system for the forging furnaces’ flue gas 1117-1122 P. Gu, T. Li, X. Fang, H. Zhang

  130. MPPT for PV system adapted to rapidly varying atmospheric condition 1123-1130 S. Xie, L. Duan, J. Luo, H. Li

  131. Analysis model on the impact of capacity expansion of wind power on coal consumption thermal power 1131-1136 Z-F. Tan, Y-H. Song, C. Zhang, D-L. Yang

  132. Sulfonated polystyrene/PTFE as proton exchange membrane for PEM fuel cell application 1137-1142 F-C Tsai, N. Ma, L-C. Tsai, J. Tao, T-C. Chiang, Y-C. Chu, W-T. Chen, C-M. Shu

  133. Research on pre-evaluation of model for wind power output short-time prediction 1143-1148 T. Yuan, Qin Chao, W. Wang, Y. Toerxun, J. Li

  134. Research on the structure transformation of calcining dolomite 1149-1154 C. Wang, Y. Liu, Z. Cao, Y. Zhang

  135. Comprehensive extension evaluation of the effect of energy conservation and environmental protection of high-speed railway 1155-1160 Y. Fu, Z. Chen, M. Xie, X. Song, Y. Zhang

  136. The rheological properties of structural surface in rock engineering environment 1161-1166 Q-Z. Zhang, W-Q. Ding, M-R. Shen

  137. Study on model test and REV of jointed rock mass and engineering application 1167-1174 J. Wang, W. Zhu, S. Li, W. Yang, D. Yu

  138. An AHP approach based on fuzzy-rough sets for demand response resource value post-evaluation 1175-1180 M. Zeng, S. Li, S. Xue, M. Ma, H. Liu, G. Zhang

  139. A hybrid environmental and economic dispatch algorithm for smart microgrid 1181-1188 X. Song, M. Mingjuan, W. Zhijie, Z. Xiaoli, Z. Ming, Z. Ge

  140. Analysis and improvement of dynamic characteristics of pump rotor 1189-1194 Q He, X Lv, D Du

  141. Experimental research of performance on air conditioning system with water film 1195-1200 X. Zhu, Xueli Nie, Y. Lv, G. Zhimin, Y. Su

  142. A novel real-time dynamic simulation method for reliability and energy transportation of complex mine belt system 1201-1206 X-P. Bai1, W. Yan

  143. Errate 1207