Volume (Issue) 30 (SI -2) December 2012

  1. Thermal runaway hazards for LiCoO2 Li-ion batteries by DSC tests 1-4 Y-W. Wang, M-S. Liao, C-M. Shu

  2. Research on optimizing of water conservancy project based on fuzzy iteration clustering 5-12 S-B. Lu, J-H. Qu, L. Pei, Z-J. Ma

  3. The heat transfer research of carbon dioxide parallel–flow gas cooler 13-20 B. He, C. Liao

  4. Short-term optimal operation of xiaolangdi and xixiayuan cascade hydropower stations 21-26 T. Bai, J-X. Chang, Q. Huang, G-S. Chen, J. Chai, X. Bai

  5. Short-term load forecasting by combination of artificial neural network and least squares-support vector machine algorithm optimized by harmony search algorithm optimized by random nelder-mead method 27-32 M. Zeng, S. Li, Xue, Z. Wang, Z. Ge

  6. Numerical simulation of flow in fouled axial flow 33-38 H.Yang, H. Xu

  7. Experimental research of a 173K three stage auto-cascade refrigeration system 39-44 X. Nie, Y. Shi, X. Zhao

  8. Experimental study of the effect of orifice plate on hump characteristics of high-speed partial emission pump 45-50 Y. Li, W. Shi, C. Wang, X. Wang

  9. Laying the design of photovoltaic cells of the outer surface of the building 51-56 J. Zhang

  10. Evaluation method of the energy saving effect for building materials 57-62 F. Wang, J. Liang, Q. Tang, C. Chen, Y. Chen

  11. Study on the tribological properties of nano-SiO2 as additive in rapeseed oil 63-68 X. Li, X. Lu

  12. The research on the performance comparison of the auto-cascade refrigeration systems 69-76 C. Hu, Y. Shi, X. Zhao, G. Liu

  13. Theory analysis on thermal performance of vacuum glazing 77-84 Z. Zhang, S. Zhang, Z. Wang, N. Kong, T. Su

  14. Description models and implementations of energy-efficient reed-muller standard cells 85-92 J. Hu, Z. Li, Y. Xi

  15. An improved study on wind energy resource assessment method with a special focus on wind speed forecasting 93-100 Zhibin Liu, Aisheng Ren, Jiancheng Zhang, Qian Li

  16. Biodiesel from waste rapeseed oil by two stage esterification method 101-110 C. Wang, S. Wu, X. Zhou, W. Zhang, Y. Chen, F. Yin, S. Liu, J. Liu, X. Zhao

  17. Decomposition analysis of carbon emission from industrial energy consumption and low carbon industrial strategy in Tianjin 111-120 C. Shao, Y. Guan, C. Guo, M. Ju, L. Huang

  18. Strategies analysis of a competitive take-back scheme for WEEE recycling 121-128 H. Sun, F. Hong, Y. Xue

  19. Research on the marginal cost and incremental costs of carbon abatement in China 129-136 Z. Ruan, A. Luo, H. Yao

  20. Research on lobed nozzle with bend structure 137-144 T. Sun, Y. Zhang, Z. Wang, Y. Xu

  21. Energy analysis of biogas engineering in northern cold regions of China 145-150 X. Li, Y. Li, Y. Shi, T. Sun

  22. Research of behavioral factors in safety supervision of hydropower project 151-156 K. Sun, P. Wu, J. Zhou, Z. Sun

  23. The dynamic sealing performance of water seal in hydraulic steel gate 157-162 L. Kun

  24. Exploring the visual features in automotive design through the application of eye tracking technology and perceptual awareness 163-174 C-P. Chu, Y-M. Chang, M-Y. Ma

  25. Study on the relationship between square meters gram weight and knitting number sets of woolen sweater 175-180 X. Zhu, X. Li, J. Dong, B. Sun

  26. A computational study of multi-objective optimal component design and selection 181-186 Z. Wu, M. Wang, J. Tang, L. Tian, M. Yang

  27. Digital circuit design using improved evolutionary algorithm 187-194 H. Liu, Q. Wu, X. Yan

  28. Privacy data protection in the public cloud 195-200 X. Zhan

  29. Information security risk evaluation to low earth orbit network 201-206 Q. Li, W. Yang, J. Hou, Y. Q

  30. Analysis of magnetic memory signal of dynamic stress changes for steel-cord conveyor belt 207-214 T. Qiao, X. Li, F. Ma

  31. Research of a Polynomial Smooth Epsilon-insensitive loss function for SVR 215-220 B. Ren, H. Liu, L. Yang, L-L. Cheng

  32. Application of ensemble empirical mode decomposition to gear fault diagnosis 221-226 W. Wang, T. Yang

  33. A DNA stream encryption scheme based on biological problem 227-234 Y. Zhang, H. Huang, P. Liu , D. Doulgarakis, X. Wu

  34. The study of similarity transformation on marine gas turbine exhaust ejector 235-240 W. Zhongyi, L. Fei, Y. Nan, W. Song, S. Tao

  35. Refuge chamber image processing algorithm based on combination of median filter and time domain recursive noise reduction 241-248 Z. Weipeng

  36. Query optimization algorithm based on full-text retrieval system 249-254 H. Liu, T. Yu

  37. The application and research on urban earthquake risk evaluation system 255-260 Q. Dai, Q. Wang

  38. Electric power system load flow and static security research based on optimal factor method 261-266 W. Li, L. Liu, X. Qi, S. Zhang, Q. Guan, Z. Liu

  39. Risk transformation of renewable energy producers in electricity market 267-274 Y. Liu, X. Jin, C. Jiang, X. Zhou

  40. Design, fabrication and characterization of a monolithic micromachined accelerometer array 275-280 Q. Zhang, A. Bao, Y. Wei, C. Chu, T. Guo

  41. Superimposed pilots aided carrierfrequency offset estimation for the uplink of an OFDMA system 281-288 L. Liu, L. Hao, D. Peng

  42. An improved feature extraction method of palmprint 295-302 S. Xu, M. Li, Y. Cui

  43. The design of optical system of LED pest control light 303-308 T. Li

  44. Mining of indeterminacy temporal data based on modified fuzziness 309-316 R. Shuxia , Z. Zheng

  45. A CA model for rumor propagation in Network Age and Research on its transmission dynamics 317-322 Y. Qian, Z. Jia, J. Zeng, M. W. Xiang

  46. Research on real time analysis and control method of material function quality for high performance work pieces 323-328 W. Ji, X. Li, Y. Cao, L. Shan

  47. Numerical and experimental research of electric pump 329-334 C. Wang, W. Shi, L. Zhang

  48. Improved short-term load forecasting model based on data mining technology 335-340 H.Cui, P.Tian

  49. Robust stabilization of a class of switched systems 341-346 Hongyan Zhang,Yan Wang

  50. The spatial distribution of precipitation and temperature trends in Northwest China (1960-2008) 347-352 C. Zhao, S. Yao, W. Zhao, J. Wang, J. Qin

  51. Removal performance and mechanism of TP in constructed rapid infiltration system 353-358 W. Xu, J. Lu, Y. Lu, J. Luo

  52. A study of the innovative product design of spray gun bottles to facilitate energy saving for the environment 359-364 Rui-Lin Lin

  53. Construction of energy statistics security system based on circular economy 365-370 Z. Ren, S. Xiaoli, S.Kun

  54. Dechlorination kinetics of 3-chlorobiphenyl by Pd/Fe bimetallic nanoparticles prepared in the presence of ultrasound 371-376 D.Zhao, L. Bi, X.Wu

  55. Optimization of impeller rear shroud radius in deep-well centrifugal pump based on golden section method 377-382 L. Zhou, W. Shi, W. Li

  56. Soil erosion risk assessment of zaozhuang based on GIS and RS technology 383-390 D. Wang, L. Xinxin

  57. Comparative analysis of the precipitation characteristics during the last 50 years in Nanchong city 391-398 C.Shu, Z.He, B. Zhang, L. Jiang,Y. Liu

  58. Analysis framework for driving system, of vulnerability of lake watershed social ecological system 399-404 Yu Zhongyuan, Zhao Zhizhong

  59. The pretreatment of oilfield wastewater prior to PVC hollow fiber membrane treatment 405-412 Z. Zhao, L. Wei, F. Ma, C-Y. Li

  60. Research on environmental protection design and construction of Chinese urban highway tunnel 413-418 G. Cui, W. Xu, H.Su

  61. Health risk assessment of BTEX from urban wastewater pump stations in Tianjin 419-424 Z. Niu, Q. Gong, Y.Zhang, Y. Ji, X.Wang

  62. Research on optimal scale control of rex rabbit breeding 425-430 H. Su, D. Tan, G. Cui, W.Xu

  63. Methodology for assessing the impact of stromwater to the landscape lake based on aquatic ecological modeling 431-436 Y. Chen, Z. Niu, H. Zhang

  64. Temporal and spatial variations of CO2 flux across water-air interface in Nihe reservoir in the boreal zone of China 437-444 D. Lv, J. Jia, H. Yu, Y. Wang

  65. Evaluation of carbon monoxide emission from coal fires using numerical model and terahertz measurement 445-452 Y. Wang, Z. Shao, G. Shi, D. Wang

  66. Porous asphalt pavement: an ecological engineering method for reducing roadway runoff pollution in urban area 453-462 Y. Zhao, A-H Yu, C. Zh

  67. The effect of different nitrogen on the nitrogen use efficiency and quality of wheat for straw returning 463-468 L. Li, Y. Shi

  68. Application analysis of solar energy in Zhengzhou region air-conditioning system 469-476 H-F. Zheng, X-W. Fan

  69. Experiment of pyrolysis process and control for biomass power generation 477-482 Q. He, L. Lan, X. Zhao, D. Du, Y. Wang

  70. Study on the effects of additives on slagging characters of corn stalk pellets 483- 490 H. Huang, J. Tang, Z. Wang, H. Chen

  71. Using the denitrification and decomposition model to estimate N2O emissions from county farmland: a case of Huantai County, China 491-498 C. Gao, J. Qiu, H. Li, L. Wang, Z. Liu

  72. The effects of waterlogging on the morphological traits, yield and glycoside content in stevia rebaudiana Bertoni 499-504 D. Liu, G. Ren, Y. Shi

  73. Study of flue-cured tobacco smoking quality evaluation model based on PCA and linear regression 505-510 H. Li, J. Wu, K. Huang, X Wang, Y. Fan

  74. Treatment of pharmaceutical condensate by reverse osmosis membranes for water reuse 511-516 X. Sun, Q. Qiao, J. Liu

  75. Research on optimal scheduling of agricultural reservoir group in shenzhen 517-524 S-B. Lu, J-H Qu, R-Y. Liu

  76. Speedup wall: the performance limitation of multicore architectures in electrical perspective 525-540 S-L. Chu, S-R. Chen

  77. Ecological impact assessment on raw material base of forestry-paper integration 541-546 Y. Lu, W. Xu, H. Su, J. Zhang

  78. Carbon footprint analysis on food consumption life cycle: An empirical analysis of China’s residents 547-552 J. Zhi, Q. Qiao

  79. Research of commercial form in ancient tourism town 553-558 A.Pan, P. Huang, J-X. Qin, L-H. Hu

  80. Study on establishment of quantitative model of human activity intensity in jinghui canal irrigation area based on RS/GIS 559-566 Y. Ao , Y. Zhao, J.Xie

  81. Assessment of water quality of marine fishery waters based on variable fuzzy assessment method 567-572 M.Zhang, Y.Wan, S. Li

  82. Evaluation of fly ash and polypropylene in production of composite materials 573-584 T. Yildiz, Z. Argunhan, A. Haksever

  83. Prototype of a self-renewal energy system: power from non-electrically-neutral fuels 585-594 X-W. Li

  84. Application of using natural gas cogeneration in a campus area 595-602 Y. Yetisken

  85. Ergonomic analysis of KUZEM LMS 603-610 H. Ceylan, A. Erguzen, M. Ozhavzali

  86. Effect of some operational parameters on the arsenic removal by electrocoagulation using aluminum electrodes 611-622 B. Zeliha Can, R. Boncukcuoglu, A. E. Yilmaz, B. Ali Fil

  87. The regional computer interlocking simulation training system structural design based on CTC 623-628 Y. Zhang, D. Lei,Y. Zhang, Y. Fu

  88. 88.An automatic diagnosis system based on data mining for diabetes disease 629-636 E. Tanyildizi

  89. Effect of long-term fertilization on characteristic of microbes in purple paddy soil 637-642 X. Zhou, X. Shi, L. Zhang, Y. Zhou

  90. An effective algorithm for multimodal function optimization 643-648 H. Liu, Q. Wu, X. Yan

  91. Energy input-output analysis in rose oil production in Isparta province of Turkey 649-656 O. Gokdogan, F. Demir