Volume (Issue) 5 (3) July 2013

  1. Engineering elements in school science and mathematics 409-414 F. A. Phang, M. B. Ali, M. N. Bakar, N. M. Ghazali, N. A. A. Zanzali, N. F. A. Rahman, L. E. Mohtar, M. Puteh

  2. A framework for energy literacy outcomes and energy education seed teachers’ performance 415-432 L-S. Lee, K-C. Lee

  3. Public choice of carbon capture and storage (CCS) as a climate change mitigation technology: The case for Malaysia and selected developed economies 433-446 N. Y. G. Lai, K. H. Aw, C. W. Lee, E. H. Yap

  4. The view of Bosnian Alaaddin Sabit Ujicevi to various characters of the society and to his period 447-456 Z. Kilic

  5. UKM: A paperless environment to take the challenges for the 21st Century 457-470 M. Marufuzzaman, M. B. I. Reaz

  6. Sociological analysis of Bosnia Sâbit’s some poems 471-480 Z. Kilic

  7. The microbiological testing of milk and dairy products the processing 481-488 Y. Elezi, K. Korro, L. Qafmolla, G. Shehu

  8. Moral values and the parent-child relations in Turkish family 489-496 I. Saglam

  9. Two classical Turkish Poets in Asia and Europe: A comparative analysis of one ode from Harputlu Hayrî and Bosnali Alaaddin Sâbit 497-504 Z. Kilic

  10. Modification of ADDIE in the instructional design procedure of competency based training for primary school English teachers 505-514 E. A. A. Sikki, A. Rahman,A. Hamra, N. Noni

  11. Students’ and teachers’opinions pertaining to six thinking hats techniques on the web pages 515-526 H. Cakir, R. G. Bati

  12. Acquisition of control structures in infinitival clauses among Chinese learners of English 527-532 M. Cheng

  13. Discussion about teaching method of agricultural technology extension 533-538 Y.Shi

  14. Analysis of the long-run relationship between energy losses and surplus energy supply during the economic development programs of Iran 539-550 H. Rafi’ee, M. Baniasadi, S. Yazdani, E. Gholifar

  15. Education of water forces 551-556 A. Demirbas

  16. Project-based learning, innovation ability in graduation-design course 557-566 L. Zhao, Z. Zhang, S. Zhang