Volume (Issue) 6 (2) April 2014

  1. The information literacy of vocational college teachers 113-116 J. Xu, Y. Li

  2. The effect of brain based learning on academic success, attitude and change in the brain dominance of students 117-128 N. Inci, H. Erten

  3. Religion, islam and science: A non-breakable bond in muslims’ life 129-134 Z. Bin Mohd Yusoff, M. Daneshgar, F. Bin Ahmad Shah

  4. Quest to attain strategic role for HR manager: A regression analysis 135-146 C. S. Long, W. K. W. Ismail

  5. Malay manuscripts that influenced by Egypt scholars: an analysis study 147-156 S. Arifin, K. Ahmad, F. A. Shah, M. Abdullah

  6. Analysis of obstacles for wider adoption of Internet advertising in Serbia 157-168 M. Kostic-Stankovic, D. Lecic-Cvetkovic, B. Golubovic-Protic

  7. Co-benefits linkage between atmosphere environment improvement and climate change in industrial district 169-180 B. Xue, Z. Ma, Y. Geng, W. Ren, L. Zhang, T. Fujita, J. P. de Oliveira, P. Jiang

  8. Scientometrics analysis on the intellectual structure of the nano research as social science 181-186 G. Qian

  9. Applying the teaching of the Prophet (PBHU) in curing diseases: A study on the method of curing sorcery diseases among Malay-Muslim 187-194 K. Ahmad, I. Suliaman, S. Ariffin, F. A. Shah, M. Abdullah, M. R. Mohd Nor

  10. Analyzing the performance evaluation for government assistance to manufacturing firms’ R&D activities 195-212 S-Y. Kwak, S-H Yoo

  11. Investigation of thermal insulation materials technical specifications and cost analysts 213-222 H. Caglar, M. Beskirli