Volume (Issue) 3 (3) July 2011

  1. Effects of “creativity-based activities within a group” based on instructional material development on teacher candidates’ achievement. 191-200 T. Yanpar Yelken

  2. Where am I? Elementary school students’ representation and location of space. 201-210 A. Ocal

  3. Classroom instructional responsibilities and learner autonomy: A case study in Turkey. 211-220 H. Tok

  4. Effect of late coming during the lecture on the rate of learning performance. 221-228 Y. Kaya

  5. Adaletnames in Ottoman Government tradition and Ottoman education system. 229-244 M. F. B. Alodali

  6. Number of animal and plant species identified by biology students. 245-252 E. O. Kose

  7. The effect of regulator and stiffener exercises for speaking mechanics on the stuttering education and therapy. 253-268 Y. Kaya

  8. The examinations of teachers’ attitude towards performance assessment with respect to the different variables. 269-284 M. Metin

  9. The possible contributions of development agencies on Turkish economy. 285-292 E. Arslan

  10. The effectiveness of problem-based learning supported with computersimulations on academic performance about buoyancy. 293-304 O. KOray

  11. Biology teaching in upper secondary schools: Comparative study between Slovenia and Turkey. 305-314 A. Šorgo, M. Usak, M. Aydogdu, O.Keles, J. Ambrožič-Dolinše

  12. A study on the prospective teachers’ knowledge, teaching methods and attidutes towards global warming with respect to different variables. 315-330 A. E. Bozdogan, F. Karsli, C. Sahin

  13. Reviewing science and nature activities of preschool teachers. 331-342 S. Ulucinar Sagir

  14. Evaluation of primary school students’ thought about and behaviors and attitudes towards environment. 343-358 O. Keles

  15. The meaning and scope of sunnah according to imam mālik and the analysis of schacht’s theory on the practice of the people of Medina. 359-368 I. Kutluay

  16. The role of landscape and urban planning disciplines to encourage environmental education among primary school children. 369-386 H. Ozguner, D. Cukur, M. Akten

  17. Determining the reflective thinking skills of pre-service teachers in learning and teaching process. 387-402 A. Gurol