Volume (Issue) 4 (4) October 2012

  1. The feasibility of computer assisted instructional materials developed on the subject of quadratic functions 1879-1892 T. Kutluca

  2. The evaluation of the research on the social sciences in Turkey: A scientometric approach 1893-1908 O. Konur

  3. Modes of representation about circular motion used by prospective teachers and predictions of instructors about these modes 1909-1914 A. Yildiz

  4. The effect of cooperative learning model on academic achievement in physics 1915-1924 N. Okur Akcay, K. Doymus, U. Simsek, S. Okumus

  5. Are we ready for an inclusive classroom? School administrators’ and teachers’ perceptions of autism 1925-1934 E. Macaroglu Akgul

  6. The evaluation of the educational research: A scientometric approach 1935-1948 O. Konur

  7. Does multiple intelligences predict leadership behaviors of physical education and sport students in Turkey? 1949-1960 S. Ekici, I. Sari, F. Soyer, T. Colakoglu

  8. Nonverbal intelligence of soccer players according to their injury, received yellow and red cards 1961-1968 E. Konter, T. Toros

  9. The relationship between psychological well-being and the satisfaction of the basic psychological needs in university students 1969-1978 I. Sari

  10. A Study about media coverage of sports news in Turkey and sporting editors’ approach to match results in terms of attribution theory 1979-1986 M. Bayansalduz, T. Toros, F. Soyer

  11. Comparison of regular physical exercisers and sedentary graduate students in terms of automatic thoughts 1987-1996 A. Tekin, M. Elioz

  12. Courage of soccer players and their playing positions 1997-2006 E. Konter, T. Toros

  13. Asynchronous discussion forums relating computer and detecting utilizations of learners from these mediums: A case for Turkey 2007-2020 O. Ozyurt, H. Ozyurt

  14. The effect of reality therapy oriented psycho-education on dealing with adolescence 2021-2034 A. H. Sar

  15. The new ecological paradigm (NEP scale) score of Turkish mountaineers/rock climbers, cyclists and trekkers 2035-2046 F. Ardahan

  16. The views of primary school mathematics teachers over alternative methods of measurement and evaluation 2047-2056 H. H. Aksu

  17. Improving eighth graders’ views of the nature of science using an explicit reflective activity-based instruction 2057-2068 H. Cokadar, S. Demirtel

  18. An investigation into leadership behaviors of the administrators of Turkish Football Coaches Association in terms of some variables 2069-2080 M. Acet

  19. Yesevishism rituals in Ottoman wrestling dervish lodges 2081-2090 M. Turkmen

  20. Managerial perception among professional football players and a review of the relationships between football players and managers 2091-2098 V. Kucuk

  21. Research on determination of the factors which cause high school students to start smoking 2099-2108 S. Celikkol, V. Nadir, L. Senol, H. S. Selek

  22. Testing the nutrition-teaching self-efficacy scale developed for primary school teachers 2109-2118 N. Sanlier, A. Ozfer Ozcelik, M. S. Surucuoglu

  23. The effects of nutrition habits of secondary school students on their educational status 2119-2128 T. Sevindi

  24. The views of the primary school teachers on Turkish thematic webpages and the usage in the educational environment 2129-2140 T. Dilci

  25. An investigation of green energy policy and its university-level engineering education in 2141-2152 W-T. Tsai

  26. Evaluation of the pedagogical formation courses in previous and current physical education and sports teacher training programs 2153-2164 C. Gundogdu, O. Agirba, Y. Ozen, F. Gulacti

  27. Expert system-based educational tool for practice lessons in a vocational high school 2165-2176 M. Peker, B. Sen

  28. Vocabulary learning and memorizing styles of foreign language students 2177-2188 Y. Sahin

  29. Exploring pre-service elementary teachers’ understanding of 5E instructional model by using newly developed 5E instrument 2189-2196 L. Cerrah Ozsevgec

  30. Primary school teachers’ perceptions regarding the effectiveness of their schools: (Case of Adiyaman Province)2197-2208 V. Celik, M. Toprak

  31. The analysis of Syriac philosophical activities in the context of translation movements 2209-2216 M. N. Doru

  32. The effect of selection and use of technology education teaching methods and techniques 2217-2226 C. Akuner, I. Temiz, M. Meral

  33. Being a female school administrator in Turkey: Views of teachers and administrators 2227-2238 Y. Altinkurt, K. Yilmaz

  34. Determining classroom management self-efficacy beliefs of teacher candidates 2239-2246 S. Cetin

  35. Research on accountants’ professional burnout job and life satisfaction 3 – Job and life satisfaction 2247-2260 S. Avsaroglu, M. Ay

  36. Analysis of the Turkish pre-service teachers’ views on pedagogical independence in terms of various variables 2261-2270 B. Akpinar

  37. Investigation of psychological well-being level of secondary school teachers in terms of some 2271-2280 I. Aydogan

  38. In secondary school pupils alternative views about inorganic substances and their metabolic effect in cells 2281-2290 R. Gokmenoglu, F. Oztas, E. Kalipci, I. Gokler, H. Oztas

  39. Relationships between candidate teachers’ liking of children behaviors and attitudes towards the teaching profession 2291-2298 M. Kok

  40. The Backwash effect of the university entrance foreign language test on English writing instruction in Turkey 2299-2310 C. Karaata

  41. What do think prospective science teachers in different gender and grade level about constructivist approach? 2311-2318 M. Metin, S. Acisli, A. Kolomuc

  42. Examination of the academic motivation of elementary pre-service teachers according to various variances 2319-2326 S. Acisli

  43. Developing experiment based science teaching skills: A lifelong learning opportunity for teachers in a rural area of Turkey 2327-2338 M. Erol, U. Boyuk, R. Sahingoz, T. G. Harrison, M. F. Costa

  44. Perspective and satisfaction levels of mountaineers who participate to mountaineering camps 2339-2344 Z. Coskuner

  45. Classroom management procedures in US and Turkish kindergarten thru 12th grade public school system; globalizing American education system 2345-2356 V. Cicek, R. Ulker, M. Karakus

  46. The effect of laboratory activities based on a POE strategy for class teacher candidates'achievements, science process skills and understanding the nature of science 2357-2368 S. Kose, K. Bilen

  47. Enderun school and sport education 2369-2376 N. Koyuncu, M. Yildiz, H. Sahan

  48. A study on developing a quality scale for preschool education institutions based on parents’views 2377-2382 A. O. Kildan

  49. The effectiveness of problem-based learning on students’ understanding of electromagnetic field and magnetism concepts 2383-2390 E. Ince

  50. University students’ perceptions of elimination of discrimination against women in education 2391-2402 M. Murat

  51. Effect of using different teaching methods and techniques embedded within the 5e instructional model on removing students’ alternative conceptions: Fluid pressure 2403-2414 H. I. Akbulut, C. Sahin, S. Cepni

  52. Qualified cram school science teachers’ views about what makes them “qualified” 2415-2428 A. Saka

  53. The effects of storylines embedded within the context-based approach on grade 10 student’ conceptions of the change of states 2429-2438 H. Demircioglu

  54. Effects of educational resources on mathematical achievements of Turkish students: Findings from PISA 2006 2439-2444 I. Demir

  55. Effect of the jigsaw technique on the students’ attitudes to the course of physical education and basics of sports and on their academic accomplishments 2445-2456 G. Bayraktar

  56. Next-generation catalogues and automated library-information systems in Azerbaijani libraries 2557-2562 J. Jafarov

  57. An effective method in preventing terrorism: Religious education 2463-2470 S. Karacelil

  58. Teachers’ attitudes towards using educational technologies 2471-2478 S. Maden

  59. Development of attitude scale in the context of sustainable environmental education1 2479-2488 O. Afacan, M. P. Demirci Guler

  60. Natural gas consumption and economic growth: A panel data analysis 2489-2494 S.-Y. Park, S.-H. Yoo

  61. Comparison between self-esteem levels in visually handicapped goalball playing students aged 12-18 and non-sporting visually impaired students 2495-2504 N. Konar

  62. The prophet’s methods of correcting mistakes as an educator 2505-2516 M. Ozturk

  63. Satisfaction of psychological needs and intrinsic motivation for sport in university students 2517-2522 F. Soyer, M. Bayansalduz, T. Toros

  64. Psychometric properties of the Turkish version of the 2x2 achievement goals questionnaire for sport 2523-2532 Z. K. Cetinkalp

  65. Is there physics in movies and news? The discoveries of teacher candidates 2533-2538 G. Tural

  66. Saturday science academy: Enhancing scientific knowledge of elementary school students via inquiry 2539-2548 B. Akarsu

  67. Education and the Qur’ān 2549-2558 S. Karasakal

  68. A comparison of leisure satisfaction levels of students from different universities in relation to some variables 2559-2566 T. Yerlisu Lapa, F. Ardahan, E. Atay

  69. Relation between mothers’ indifference negligent attitudes and social behaviors of six year olds 2567-2572 E. Arslan, N. Durmusoglu Saltali, C. Arslan

  70. Examination of wellbeing of patients relatives in terms of state and trait anxiety 2573-2578 R. Yigit

  71. Predictive power of self-efficacies of toddlers’ mothers for parenting task in children’s psychosocial development 2579-2584 N. Durmusoglu Saltali, E. Arslan

  72. Social exchange in developing relationships: As a social exchange the pharmacist–patient relationships 2585-2594 F. Oztas

  73. Marketing constraints to real estate sector and improvement measures: Case study of Turkey 2595-2600 S. Durdyev, A. Ihtiyar, S. Ismail, F. S. Ahmad

  74. Measurement of perceived service quality in the food retail industry of Turkey 2601-2610 A. Ihtiyar, F. S. Ahmad

  75. Investigate of the effect of basketball on the sole of professional basketball players 2611-2620 A. Uzun

  76. The global hydrogen society 2621-2624 M. F. Demirbas

  77. Morphometric effects of the combined usage of anabolic androgenic steroids on humerus 2525-2630 S. Lok, E. Tasgin, H. Yalcin

  78. The morphometric effects of short term testosterone enanthate usage on femur in puberty period 2631-2636 S. Lok